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Troy Alpha Ear Cleaner 100Ml

Troy Alpha Ear Cleaner May Assist In The Treatment Or Prevention Of Otitis Externa In Your Dog. This Ear Cleaner Can Be Used For Ear Cleaning, Drying, Cooling Or As An Antiseptic,Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-Itch And For Softening Of Wax And Debris.

This Product Can Be Used For Dogs With Ear Issues Related To Recurrrent Allergies, Stemming The Progression Of An Itchy Ear To An Infection. Veterinary Advice Is Always Recommended For Sever Infections. Note This Product Should Not Be Used With A Ruptured Ear.

Directions For Use: APply One Quick Squirt Into The Affected Ear And Massage Ear Canal Externally To Allow Proper Penetration. To Ensure Proper Administration, Always Point The Bottle Downwards Into The Ear Canal Opening.