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Playtime is important for all canines - from puppies to mature dogs. It allows them to fetch, chase, wrestle and run around. Toys provide a great opportunity to encourage exercise and energy release. Pet One Dog Toys are designed to encourage self amusement, as well as indoor and outdoor play.

Features & Benefits:

TPR rubber provides soothing relief for teething puppies and aids in the process of adult teeth development. For adult dogs, the TPR rubber benefits your pet by aiding in the removal of tarter and left over food, leaving your dog with cleaner teeth.
Made from durable, non toxic rubber – safe for your pet.
Rope toys provide a durable surface for biting and chewing whilst also aiding in keeping teeth clean through a brushing-like action.
Provides great physical and mental stimulation.
Satisfies your pets natural chewing habits.
Develops a fun and rewarding relationship between you and your pet.
Suitable for: Dogs