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What is the best flea collar on the market?

Kiltix is ??one of the fastest acting flea and tick repellent collars in Australia, our bayer lab dog collar works twice as fast as any other collar.

Total control against fleas and ticks

The KILTIX collar is designed to adapt to all breeds' and sizes of dogs, this long-lasting repellent collar will protect your pet for more than 5 months against fleas and ticks. Especially those ticks that are found in bushes and abundant places of nature.

Flea solution that does work

Ticks are very attracted to the head, neck and limbs of our dogs, that is why KILTIK releases a fine that repels ticks and fleas, a powder that is not harmful to our pets, but is very toxic to insects. Bloodsucker and that acts before these insects bite our pet.

Protect my pets against fleas and ticks

In spring and summer is when fleas and ticks are most active and in full reproduction stage and the worst thing is that these critters that feed on the blood of our pet are everywhere.

The KILTIX flea and tick leash is perfect for all breeds and sizes of dogs, thanks to its adjustable design for all sizes.