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Bills Pet Paradise Bathurst


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Using avione is the first step in making your backyard a bird-friendly feeding area. A few trips to other things you can do to brighten up your backyard with birds all year round.
- NECTAR MIX: You can feed avione to lorikeets and honey eaters a number of ways; simply put it in a dish, or a mix with little warm water (50g to 1 litre) and remember to clean your dish every day.
- WATER: All birds love clean, fresh water. if you provide this for them you' ll enjoy a regular bathing show.

for maximum freshness, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
This bag is sold by weight. some settling of contents may occour during transportation.

guaranteed analysis
min. crude protein.....13%
max. crude fibre........5%
min. crude salt..........6%
max. salt...............0.2%

ground white rice flour, ground yellow rice meal, ground mixed biscuit crumb, dextrose monohydrate, vanilla flavour, vitamins and minerals

made in australia