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Bills Pet Paradise Bathurst


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Avione rearing and condition food provides a complete feeding regim for your lorikeets. it provides a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

Have dry Avione lorikeets food available for your lorikeets at all times. Make sure your lorikeets also have plenty of fresh clean water. For eachpair, feed half a fresh apple daily, or nectar mix.

if you want to feed a wet nectar in addition to the dry method try the following. mix 1 heaped teaspoon of avione lorikeet food with 50ml cold water. add one teaspoon of strained baby apple or strained baby beef and vegtables. Feed this each morning at the rate of a desert spoon to each pair. you can freeze nectar mix by making larger quantities and spooning feeding portions into ice cube moulds. when frozen take out of mouldsand put into freezer bags. thaw the exact number of serves the night before for morning feeds.

min. crude protein........15%
max. crude fibre...........3%
min. crude fat..............5.5%
max. salt....................0.2%

Rice, wheat, maize, legumes, soybean oil meal, full fat soyabean, coconut, dextrose mono hydrate, Di calcium phophate, vitamins, minerals

made in australia