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Bills Pet Paradise Bathurst


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All the benefits of our Tropical Flake Food but with the added benefit of spirulina, algae meal, carotene and high fish meal content for healthy fish with vibrant colours and striking patterns. Can be fed daily or occasionally in conjunction with tropical flakes to improve colouring and markings.

Suitable for most tropical fish including, Angelfish, Discus, Tetras, Live-bearers and Dwarf Cichlids e.g. Dutch Rams.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein: Min 38%
Fat: Min 5%
Fibre: Max 5%
Moisture: Max 8%
Ash: Max 16%
Specifications: Available in 2 sizes

11530 - Colour Enhancing Flake Food 24g
11531 - Colour Enhancing Flake Food 52g
Suitable For: Tropical