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AQUA ONE ACCESSORY KIT (12MM) - AQUIS 500/700, VA230/300

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Aqua One Complete Accessory Pipe Set - Aquis 500 & 700 Canister Filter

Aqua One Canister Filter Accessory Pipe Set is easy to install and designed for the following filters:

Aqua One Aquis Canister Filters 500 & 700
Complete Set Includes:

2 x Inlet/Outlet U-Pipes
1 x Intake pipe
1 x Intake strainer
2 x ~1.5 metre Filter Hose 12/16mm
2 x Spray Bars
1 x Spray Bar end cap
1 x Duckbill outlet
2 x Elbows
2 x Filter Taps
6 x Suction cup and clips